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Chosen Paw is running an exciting new health pilot

Chosen Paw was developed to meet the health needs of veterans by combining the benefits of walking and interacting with dogs. The aim of our company is to engage with and stimulate dog-loving individuals and groups connected to the armed forces, to help find effective outcomes that provide health and wellbeing benefits. We believe that providing an outreach programme that offers outdoor walking, animal interaction and social stimulation will deliver significant human health benefits. Our dedicated team are here to help, whether your goal is to remain healthy, improve a medical condition or work towards a long lasting solution for your health and wellbeing.

We are located within a charitable dog re-homing centre. This centre focuses to re-home dogs that have been found straying, are unwanted or abandoned. Chosen Paw is attempting to create a very positive solution from a very negative reality by making these dogs accessible for people who wish or need to improve their own mental, physical or emotional conditions. We offer a friendly, engaging and rewarding service where you are provided with a dog to walk, groom, interact and relax with.

We are here to explore the mutual benefits of therapeutic activities that can greatly help an individual by interacting with a dog but who may not own one, as well as meeting a dog’s needs by providing them with exercise and human companionship.

Walking is a wonderful, low impact way to exercise and benefits a wide variety of human health conditions.

Walking a dog with Chosen Paw provides social interaction, routine, strong companionship and regular responsibility. All of this improves the overall physical, mental and social health of an individual.

For further details, please ring 0191 3770066.